Green Certifications

We are whole system Design Science analysts in the Buckminster Fuller tradition. Our focus is; ending time waste, genius waste, process waste and the waste of human capitol and intensely inject: coherence, connective lanes… Financial transparency and effective application of finance.


Our Green Supreme Court

"The Green Supremes"

Dr. Tim Foresman, Chief Scientist. Fmr. Chief Climate Lab, United Nations
Noel B. Murphy, CEO. Neuro-Diversity. Communications. 22 Time Film Fest Winner
Dr. Deborah L. Johnson, Social Justice
Jay Smith, Risk Management. His Harvard MBA approach informs his slogan; "Verify Verify Verify."
Sabine Allaeys, Science communicator. Widely recognized for her creativity, innovation, and impact
Eric Miller, Chief Technology Analyst. Do you know your tech future? Eric does.
Aaron LeBaron, GreenFund Financial Correspondent
Howard Bloom, Social physicist. He launched the careers of Prince, Joan Jett and worked for Michael Jackson. Howard is known for predicting future superstardom. Are you in that future?
Melissa Gilbert, Emotional Professionalism
The process


We pre-certify Green ventures for funding.

Green Certifications

Our "Green Supreme Court" backs your venture as a bridge between your proposal and the exact category of funding you'll need . Our jurists are are a super-group of top and well known design scientists. We move your project forward- with advance rewards for going green in your start up systems planning.

The Way

We have experts with United Nations experience, Wall Street, and former university professors, and the purpose is to properly organize, pre-certify, and create your funder profile for banking and government proposals.

Green Supremes

The new way

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Our CEO Noel Murphy has written and produced 3 award winning BEST FEATURE documentaries on Bucky Fuller. Noel and his team have isolated the money principals that allow world level wealth Bucky money theory promises. Money and you with Marshall Thurber, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Tony Robbins all evolved from Bucky Fuller. would you like to know the secret underneath all of it?

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