Noel was a child prodigy and speaks at Universities around the world. A leader striving to promote a better synergistic world in both business and personal lives.


Noel B. Murphy Is A “Whole System” Change Maker. He Frames Training Education As He Does Digital Media. “Behavioral Science And Storytelling Applied Through Technology.” He Helps Those In Leadership Roles Use “Whole System” Thinking To Inform And Influence Their Desired Audiences.
Noel Started Young. He Spoke At Harvard University At The Age Of Ten. He Was Mentored At Harvard By Dr. Hugh Morgan Hill, A Collaborator Of R. Buckminster Fuller.
Noel Began His Media Career At 14 Years Old At MIT. He Interned At The University Radio Station WTBS. At 15 He Wrote And & Delivered Newscasts. He Was Also A Producer At America’s First High School TV Station As A Teenage News Reporter He Was Even Injured On Location While Covering A Riot At Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant.
At 17 He Was A Personal Assistant To Radio Hall Of Fame Inductee J.P McCarthy Where He Learned Broadcasting Means Nothing More Than The Leadership It Provides.
Fast Forward: Back To Harvard, He Worked At Harvard Business School, Raising Funds From Harvard Business School Graduates. By Now He Had Gathered A Unique Point Of View: That Mass Communication Means Understanding Bottom Line & Analytical Decision Making But Also Emotional And Intuitive Decision Making.
That Media Is Behavior Science Applied To Electronic Media.
He Has Worked Directly With Everyone From Tony Robbins & Depak Chopra To Jay Leno And Bill Cosby, He Is Certified In Educational Curriculum Writing And Holds An Advanced Business Coaching Certification. In His Speaker’s Gym Program He Has Coached Dozens Of Leaders
Noel Has Always Been An Encourager, Supporting Everyone From Companies To Individuals In Peak Performance And Powerful Contribution To Those Around Them
Specialties: Behavioral Science, Using Comedy To Carry Difficult Messages, Multimedia Production, Not-For-Profit Advocacy.