The self-aware green company mitigates risk first.

Talent/Skill/imagination + balance

When we certify, we are essentially covering you with our reputation. Your certification covers all proposed systems, all development phases, all strategies and a full report on your threats and market relevance. Included is org chart analysis, hiring practices, green suppliers, and all inter-relationships. We certify your white paper and individual plans. We advise the banks, grat funders and government money. We work with them and you to intercept and further tighten your proposal to reach and surpass their requirements.   Simply put, we keep you safe from funding rejections and we keep funders safe from their time wasted. Here at GreenFund Certifications we laser focus your offering.  We reward you “getting it right the first time” with high scores. We reward our funders support with no nonsense green investments.

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Equity is Equanimity.

Governing Principles Harnessed.

Mathematician John Nash changed trade history with his theory of “Governing Dynamics”.  This essentially is: what is good for the individual AND the group. Our definition of Green works on the human capital level and on the strategy and tactics levels. Most start at materials. We start at your people energy distribution methods. We start with mindmapping. It’s like a private audit that ends with creating your “GreenFund Score”. Depending on your “Start up score” we engineer the bridges and give you monitored assignments to complete. In the end you are a preferred entity for funders. Now, cash that in.

Would you rather be a Stradivarius