A.I. Protection For Human Writers


“By Writers For Writers"

If your writing is protected from A.I. then A.I. can’t steal it. In the quite immediate future writers will have to prove written work is your own and not A.I. written. The only way we see for a professional writer to secure their work from A.I. theft is to have your work specifically certified as “100% Human Written”. Until now, there was no simple tool to certify a book, manuscript or other writing. has teamed up with comprehensive designers to bring protection to writers. Book Safe. Don't just copyright, use Book Safe.
Original voice
Time span writer growth rate
  • Scan and Compare your works to prove its you
  • Score and Delete, you’ll receive a score and it will self-erase
  • Anti-Screen Capture
  • 100% human written certificate not included
  • Civil Copyright Filing not Included
  • No downloads
  • Scan & Compare
  • Score
  • 100% Human Written Certificate
  • Humans review your final work and sign your certification.
  • Scan for Civil Copyright Filing
  • Download approved certificate Included
  • Secondary Civil Copyright Certification
  • Library of Congress Notification
  • ISBN# and Barcode
  • Legal consultation if challenged
  • Download approved Civil Copyright included